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A “Not-so-Merry Christmas”

A christmas that's not so christmassy

Allow me to take you on a trip. Think back to when you were a young child during the Christmas period. Not older than twelve or thirteen years old. Envision this young version of you in your mind’s eye.

The biggest holiday of the year is only days away. The air is thick with excitement. From the town streets to your neighbourhood, down to inside your home, there is a flurry of activity.

Your mum, grandma, or nanny is slowly buying all the things the family and invited guests will have on the big day. She wants to be prepared. She has the Itinerary down to a T.

Everything is on schedule. Nothing can go wrong. Every day this week leading up to that morning, they will clean, double clean and also triple clean every inch of the house. The floor will be so pristine you could actually eat off of it. The seats and couches will be so neat and spotless, such that you’ll be afraid to park your behind on them.


Not the Christmas we used to know


You on the other hand can barely keep still. If wishes were horses, you would ask for the day to get here sooner. The presents! All so beautifully wrapped, waiting to be ripped open in pure euphoria. You can’t wait to see your cousins as well as nieces and nephews.

The Folks bought you new toys and you have to show them. You have cool stories that are all but bubbling out of you. Oh! Do not get me started on the brand new “Christmas clothes” you can’t wait to wear. You keep sneaking into your parents’ bedroom to stare at them. You have already tried on the shoes several times and walked around indoors when no one is home.

Remember the Cocacola Advert? The one with a big light-up long-haul truck that brought everyone presents? The one that played all through December? How did that AD make you feel?

Now come back to the present. Where are you? Probably at work. Not only haven’t you started your Christmas shopping. But also you’re not even sure whether you’ll be off work on Christmas. Even if you’ll get the day off, you’ll be so tired and fatigued. You will order cheap take out and proceed to sleep the day away.

There is no excitement, no flurry of activity. There is just adulthood tightening its grip on your neck and threatening your very existence.

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