A Unique Approach In Murang’a Senatorial Bid


    As a presidential aspirant, it is expected that those who wish to be in the polls in the coming elections set for August 8th are up and about trying to woo Kenyans the best way they know-how.

    For many of the current political players, this is not a new journey. Most of them have been around the track so many times that we have lost count. They have written and rewritten manifestos, created and dissolved coalitions and broken alliances all in the name of the game

    We cannot forget about the new players. They might be rookies, without political experience but who knows what they will bring to the table. They might change the game altogether.

    In all this chaos and discord what constant remains?

    The people. The people of this great resilient nation of Kenya are the ones who win or lose in the election. They are the ones who are pitted against each other on behalf of the players. They are the ones who are brainwashed to hate and slander each other.

    Currently, it is a game of cat and mouse in the political scene.  There has been a surprising switch of parties. As aspirants who have never seen eye to eye have joined teams we didn’t expect them to.  What can the common mwananchi do but watch and wait to see what they have in store.

    Don’t even get me started on leaders endorsing other leaders who they think should take up the country’s leadership.

    One good thing about this entire rat race is that tribalism is not driving the discussion as much as it used to before. By all standards and measures. This is a major improvement.


    The aim for leadership in Murang’a…

    At the beginning of this week, we saw Azimio la Umoja’s leader, Raila Odinga come back to the Mount Kenya Region. The region following its high number of votes is a hot meal for many leaders hence the endless efforts by leaders to woe their voters.

    Prior to meeting Murang’a residents, Raila met with some leaders from the county at Thika Golf Club and later met up with residents at Thika greens.

    Here a good number of leaders, as well as aspirants, addressed the people with some stating their wish to vie for various positions in the county.

    Among them was Azimio la Walemavu’ national chairman who wishes to run for the senatorial position in Murang’a county. Mr. Churu Manyeki.

    Mr. Manyeki is set to release his manifesto soon. Promised that he will work hand in hand with Raila if he is elected as a senator. This is an interesting plot twist for the Mt.Kenya region and the country at large.

    It is disappointing however that there isn’t much diversity in the people who are elected into office. The diverse seats that are available in terms of women and people with disabilities are just to fill up the required quorum. We definitely need more awareness and change. Since disability is not inability. Also, women can still match the work and efforts of male leaders.

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