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types of smells

It’s 2022 You Better Smell Like Something!

IT’S 2022! YOU BETTER SMELL LIKE SOMETHING! This is the year for big changes and major life-altering decisions. It is also the year for Painful...

Kibwana Chooses Seeking Treatment Home Over Abroad

On the 15th at about 3 p.m., governor Kivutha Kibwana booked in for theatre. He was accompanied by his family. Kibwana needed to undergo...
Coconut Pigeon peas

How To Prepare Coconut Pigeon Peas

Command your weekend with tasty Swahili dishes like coconut pigeon peas and enjoy with your family. Here is the very easiest and simplest way of...
Omena and Ugali

Omena Recipe Without Oduor

Most of the times people tend to fear cooking Omena recipes simply because of the odor that comes with it. Here is a simple way...
Some scenes of the Muranga County Man slaughter evidence

Manslaughter- The Inhumane Nature In Muranga County

The rise in manslaughter in muranga county. Cases of murder involving family members have over the recent past on-trend across the country  Recently the...
covid jab

EU Warns Repeat Covid Booster Shots

European Union regulators warn that frequent Covid-19 booster shots could adversely affect the immune system and may not be feasible. Repeat booster doses every four...
Ugandan man

Man Flees After His Wife Gives Birth To Quadruplets

As a man, what would be your reaction if your girlfriend or wife gave birth to four babies in one go? This is the...
Covid-19 virus

How A Common Cold Can Protect One From Covid-19…

According to recent findings from research by the Imperial College London, the common cold can protect from Covid-19. The researchers say that this discovery...

Ruiru Level 4 Gives A Sigh Of Relief To Citizens

The Kiambu government has prioritized the improvement of health facilities to promote quality care. The new 150-bed capacity center at Ruiru Level Four Hospital...
50-year-old wanja returns home

A 50-year-old Woman Returns Home After 14 Years

A 50-year-old woman from the Rokindu sub-location in Tharaka Nithi County. Has returned home after missing for 14 years. The mother of two, Irene Wanja...

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