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family of the assistant chieif in the nuclear

Wife Stabs Husband To Death In Kirinyaga

Residents from Kiamugumo village in Ngariama ward kirinyaga county are in mourning. This after the death of one of their local leaders. This is...

A “Not-so-Merry Christmas”

Allow me to take you on a trip. Think back to when you were a young child during the Christmas period. Not older than...
image adressing to stop GBV

Baringo leaders: Its Time To Stop GBV

GBV is a common narrative, even though it seems as though it is not. Leaders from Baringo county now have come together. Where they...

Masten Wanjala What Happens To His Body??

Masten Wanjala the self-confessed serial killer met his death on the 14th of October 2021. This occurred after an angry mob lynched him. To...
This queen deserves honor after declaring that housewife is a full time job

Housewife Her But Pay Her… High Court Orders

Teresia Matheka the High Court judge has started another discussion on social media. This is after she declared that a housewife job should be...
sentinelese( blurred photo as no one can get close)

North Sentinel, The Ancient Indian Island.

Lying 36 km west of the town of Wandoor in South Andaman Island, North Sentinel has an area of 59.67 square kilometres. This island...
violence in domestic and abuse

Sexual violence And Abuses Unknown To Many

Sexual violence **Jane, a twenty-five-year-old lady, is now under medical watch after living in an abusive marriage. For a span of five years. Her...
image describing what we should now about teen pregnancy

Teenage Pregnancy In Kenya Raise A Red Flag

Teenage pregnancy therefore means pregnancy below the age of 20 and it is also known as adolescent pregnancy and it affects the marginalized communities
Campaign against, breast ironing

Breast Ironing: Our Breasts Our Plague

Each day you think you have seen it all more pop up and all you are left with is shock and disbelief. Heard of...
fight aganist forced earily marragies

Forced FGM Paves Way To Get out Of forced marriage

Police in west Pokot has launched a search of a key suspect's who married off a girl. Additionally, primary school dropouts have been forced...

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