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TikTok App Helping Brands Unlock the power of music and sound

TikTok is one of the apps that is helping young people globally unlock music and also sound. Additionally, the app became more popular during...

Eugene Mbugua Kenya’s Youngest Millionaire

Millionaire Eugene Mbugua is among the youngest Kenyan millionaires. He is the managing director of Young Rich Television Limited and My Yearbook Kenya limited....
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Transportation Sector  Hit by  Covid-19 Pandemic

The transportation sector is one of the major sectors in the country since it serves in each and every sector. Therefore transportation is the...
just give it a try

First Shot, Always Painful And Tough But It’s sweet!!

In life, the hardest thing is always taking the first shot. Right from birth till you take the last breath, taking that first shot is always difficult...
Phantom X newest brand in the market

Tecno Unveils Its New Brand. Are You Ready??

PHANTOM is the newest redefined sub-brand from TECNO dedicated to luxury consumers. As an all-new sub-brand created for exceptional individual.
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8 Steps To Uplift Your Business Operations.

A successful business brings forth a huge profit. Whether it’s a large scale or small scale. It’s the joy of every business owner to always.

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