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Chief Justice Koome’s Plan To Decongest Prisons…

Chief Justice
Lady Justice Martha Koome

While speaking on Monday during the annual High Court leaders conference chief Justice Martha Koome asked judges to review the sentences of convicts on good conduct. And are eligible for community services. This is in a bid to decongest the prisons.

Chief Justice Koome went on to ask judges to visit prisons across the country. So as to review inmate files to figure out the numbers that can be productive to do community service.

“All the resident and presiding judges across all stations should visit prisons and see how you decongest the prisons, review the sentences and look at those with good conduct and are eligible to do community service,” said the CJ.

She went on to state that working out the issue of case backlogs. Needs rethinking of case management in fundamental ways. Adding that cases should not take more than three years to complete. While those in the court of appeal should not take more than a year.

“This Conference is an avenue for spirited and open conversations geared towards reexamining our practices and re-engineering them to improve the efficiency of our Courts,” she stated.


“We have now set our benchmark for expedited delivery of justice by ensuring that no court stays in a trial court for more than three years, and no more than one year appeal.”

The main aim of the conference was to discuss core priorities and backlog reduction strategies. In order to support a vision christened ‘Social Transformation through Access to Justice.’

The results of the conference were, a firm resolve to reverse the problem of missing files. An issue that has resulted in 16% of the reasons for the postponement. Full uptake of ICT. Better welfare for judicial officers as well as staff members. And the full implementation of timely and proper returns.

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