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Embu MCAs To Use KSh 33 Million For Etiquette Training


After the postponement of Assembly sittings from 1 December 2020 to 8 February 2022. 33 members of the county assembly(MCA’s) of Embu county travelled for a two-week training session in Arusha, Tanzania.

This is not the first trip that the MCA’s are making. Seeing that they had a similar trip in September. So as to learn basic etiquette and camping language. As they prepare for the 2022 general election.

During the trip, the MCA’s will be receiving a KSh 37,184 stipend. Thye will be learning good manners as well as how to court voters.

In total, the MCA’s will receive KSh 520,576 stipend during the training period.

The speaker, clerk and a few members of the assembly staff. Will be among those who will join the MCAs in the training. Besides the millions of taxpayers funds that they will spend. They will also pay two to three million shillings to the East and Southern Africa Management Institute(ESAMI).

Of the money they will be using KSh 10 million shillings is from the County Assembly Sports Association(CASA) games kitty. The MCA’s transferred the money to their account to facilitate the travel to Tanzania.

This after they used up the money in the account during their previous trip. This is according to a recent supplementary Budget passed by the County Assembly.


Reasons For Embu MCA’s heavy expenditure

After realising that they won’t be returning to office in the coming general elections. Some of the MCA’s were heard complaining of being broke. Vowing to push for more trips so as to earn enough money for their retirement.

The politicians were also in a bid to earn more money to use during the campaign period. And to also repay a KSh 600,000 tax debt from President Uhuru’s Ksh 2 million car loan given to them. In a bid make them push for the passing of the Building Bridges Initiative through the County Assemblies.

Despite the fact that they did not travel to Tanzania with their colleagues. Some MCA’s will be claiming their full allowances. 

Despite the heavy expenditure following around 50 retreats to Nairobi and Mombasa hotels this year. The MCA’s have enacted just to bills into law. The county budget and Supplementary budget.

Embu Senator Njeru Ndwiga has however termed the expenditure as a wastage of public funds. Stating that the MCA’s have formed such a habit of travelling outside the country. Even for activities that they can discuss while within Embu.

He went on to rebuke the county Govern Martin Wambora for putting more effort into the council of governors office. Instead of putting more effort into matters concerning Embu residents.

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