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How A Common Cold Can Protect One From Covid-19…

Covid-19 virus
Covid-19 virus

According to recent findings from research by the Imperial College London, the common cold can protect from Covid-19. The researchers say that this discovery provides a blueprint for future vaccines. These future vaccines will be able to work against all variants of the Corona Virus.

According to these researchers, the body produces a type of white blood cells called T-cells. These are the cells that fight against the common cold. These same T cells have some effectiveness against the COVID-19 virus.

While studying to answer the question; why some people were more susceptible to the Coronavirus than others, researchers sampled the blood of 52 people. This would happen immediately after the COVID-19 diagnosis was confirmed. The tests carried out on these sample groups indicated that exactly half of them contracted COVID-19. The other half did not.

During an interview with VOA, Ajit Lalvani, chair in infectious diseases at Imperial College London said, “Those contacts who had pre-existing T cells that were as a result of common cold coronavirus, which could cross-recognize and attack SARS-CoV-2, did not get infected.”

Why common cold can protect from Covid

covid-19 virus

The reason why vaccines may not work on the mutations is; they trigger an immune response that targets the spikes outside the virus. These spikes are easily able to mutate and escape immunity. The common cold can protect from Covid-19 because, unlike the vaccines, the T-cells target the proteins in the core of the virus.

The researchers also stated that the development of a vaccine that will trigger the production of universal T-cells is still some way off. They also emphasized that, despite their findings, no one should rely on a common cold infection to provide immunity against COVID-19. There is also an insistence on getting both shots of the vaccine and the booster shot.

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