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Illicit Brew Consumption Back To Killing Lives

illicit brew kills five people in njoro
illicit brew kills five people in njoro

With each passing second, various leaders continue condemning the consumption of illicit brew.

However, in Nakuru county cases of people dying due to this consumption rise from time to time. Those lucky enough survive, but they live to narrate the ordeal.

Some even swear to cease consuming illicit brew.

The matter resolves but when it strikes again news headlines hit. With huge numbers of people who succumbed to it as some undergo treatment. Most times when it occurs, the Rift Valley Regional Commander strikes with new rules in place.

He embarks on several crackdown operations, holding responsible all the parties involved. As of yesterday December 6th, five people were confirmed dead.

Its alleged that they consumed illicit brew at Njwatho slums located in Njoro, Nakuru county.

Illicit Brew Back With A Bang

According to the Nakuru County Deputy Commander, Joseph Tanui its not really clear what led to their deaths.

The family members claim four of the victims took the brew locally termed as chang’aa on Saturday.

Later on, two of them began complaining of breathing problems. However, Tanui declined to attribute their deaths to the illicit brew.

He stated that the four reached out for medical treatment on an individual basis.

Hence no full conclusion so far as to whether its from the Saturday drinking as the family members earlier on stated.

This incident occurs barely three months after ten people succumbed in the Hodi Hodi Bahati area. It’s after they drank a killer substance that police suspected its methanol.

“family members brought each of the victims at different times…Another one who checked in with the hospital early today died before receiving any form of treatment,” stated Tanui. Nakuru County Deputy Commander.

The return of the consumption of this killer drink occurs as we approach the festive season.

A time when most people drink a lot as a way of celebrating the end of the year. However, not all make it out. Remembering that one sip of this chang’aa signifies a sip of death.

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