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Jalang’o Sorts The Kenyan Man Being Ridiculed Online


A Kenyan man has been a target of ridicule after wearing a suit that resembles that of Kiss FM’s Jalang’o.

However, from the photos shared online, it is clear that the man gave his tailor an assignment to make him a suit like that of Jalang’o, but the tailor executed it wrongly.

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The case of what was ordered VS what was delivered has attracted the attention of Jalang’o. The Kiss FM presenter has however hailed the man for trying to be stylish and promised to get him the suit.

 Only that Jalang’o will be getting the real tailor to make it, and not just anyone.

“He tried yes?….I now want him to get the real stuff ama? @lirudesigns tufanye ile kitu? Someone send me his number,” Jalang’o posted on his social media.

Jalang’o and Mc Vuvuzera

Jalang’o promises to gift MC Kiplagat

According to the netizens who know the man in person, he is called MC Kiplagat aka Vuvuzela. Jalang’o designer also offered to add another pair so that MC Vuvuzela can get the two pairs of African attire. Liry designs additionally, reached out to Kiplagat to make him two suits.

The media personality rocked the outfit on June 1st during the 58th Madaraka Day at the Jomo Kenyatta Stadium Kisumu, where he was the MC of the day.

For the special day, Jalang’o chose a black and red shirt tailored to perfection and also matching black pants. The complete suit retails for about Sh8,000 according to the designer.

A lot of Kenyans however, ridiculed the man, and here are the comments:

Liaga_254 b: What you get vs what you order online.

Erick. Ezekiel: Jalang’oo huyu fundi wake apewe ka kitu amejitahidi.

Shirley. Nestor: Ako sawa get him another colour and design. Ile material itabaki mnipee nishone shirt.

Kihumo Kia Wega
Kihumo Kia Wega

Keshgracy: it’s always your good heart for me. May God keep on blessing you.

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