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Kenya Risks Being Banned From International Football

The kenya football at risks , Nick Mwendwa says
Nick Mwendwa

Kenya risks being banned by FIFA from international football despite warnings from the federation. Telling the government to avoid controlling the football body in Kenya banned from international football.

FIFA addressed the issue in a letter warning that Kenya will face ‘consequences. After the Sports Cabinet Secretary announced on Thursday that she was disbanding Football Kenya Federation (FKF).

As soon as the caretaker committee was established, the FKF team under Mwendwa could not access their offices. This tells you the gov’t was already in the know in terms of how. It was going to deal with the situations heading to

FKF chairman Nick Mwendwa

This is not the first time that we’ve had a caretaker committee running football in Kenya. I counted about 7 appointed, for various reasons. By the gov’t to look into the affairs of football


According to the situation involved, certainly, somehow this could be expected. If you monitored happenings in the last three weeks or so.

FIFA said CS Amina’s actions were in strict breach of FIFA’s regulations. Outlawing political interference and action taken if the government doesn’t resolve the matter soon.

“We consider that the aforementioned decision by the Cabinet Secretary to appoint an FKF Caretaker Committee in lieu of the elected FKF Executive Committee is undoubtedly contrary to the above principles.

“Should FIFA consider this an undue government interference in the internal affairs of the FKF, it could lead to a ban imposed on the FKF by the competent FIFA body,” a letter signed by FIFA’s Chief Member Associations Officer Kenny Jean-Marie said.

Consequences of Kenyan Football after government interference

Although the world governing body has left the door open for negotiations. A lot of questions emerge up about funds and how they spent in the organization

 “In the event, the decision to appoint an FKF Caretaker Committee and the correlated secretariat upheld. We would have no other choice than to submit the present matter to the Bureau of FIFA Council for consideration and decision.

“Finally, and as referred to in the Cabinet Secretary’s letter of 18 October 2021. We would like to emphasize our willingness to hold a meeting with the FKF and the Ministry of Sport.

As soon as possible so as to address any concern both sides may have and, altogether, to decide on a way forward for the sake of Kenyan football.”

On Thursday, the current FKF administration led by Nick Mwendwa locked out of its offices at Kandanda House in what was the clearest indication the Government was following through with its decision.

kihumo kia wega
Kihumo Kia Wega

However, Mwendwa has vowed to ‘remain in charge’ after rejecting the Caretaker Committee which he said was illegal.

All eyes are on the caretaker committee and not just the chair, Aaron Ringera, but its composition and many of the others and most of the skills they will be bringing.

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