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Konshens And Eric Omondi Mock Each Other In Diss Tracks

Eric Omondi and Konshens' beef
Eric Omondi and Konshens' beef

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has been advocating for Kenyans to appreciate their own music and play over 75% of Kenyan content on national Television and Radio Stations.

This came after several Nigerian artists held their shows in the country while Kenyan musicians get looked down upon. Jamaican artist Garfield Delano Spence aka Konshens, has this desire to perform in Kenya on New Year’s Eve. This appears to have rubbed comedian Eric Omondi the wrong way.

His ‘beef’ with Dancehall musician from Jamaica Konshens started when Eric Omondi protested that there are better entertainers in the country than him to perform on 31st Dec.

Konshens stated that he has a lot of fans based in the country. Therefore, since they love his music and also want to see him, he will be performing.

He went ahead and even mentioned Eric Omondi in a new mix song “Danger Dinji”. In this new song, he is working with Kenyan artists Brandy Maina & Movaz.

Konshens and Eric Omondi’s ‘beef’

Jamaican artist Konshens and Eric
Jamaican artist Konshens and Eric

However, Eric Omondi took this to heart and received it as a diss and in response, the comedian shared his sentiments on social media saying:

“Nimeskia ati @konshens amenitupia DISS TRACK. let me hit the Studio. I am about to DROP and DELIVER a CAREER ENDING Diss TRACK…He will not RECOVER. Its ON!!!!”

Konshens responded to the post:

“Wait u feel that’s a diss? I thought u were a comedian it says so in ur bio. Oh no.”

Emphasizing his point, the comedian further stated that Konshens should apologize before releasing his follow-up diss track.

“My brother @konshens why are you PANICKING??? Just sit back and wait for Me to FINISH You with ONE TRACK!!! Am already in the STUDIO. You have Strictly 45 Minutes to Apologise before I DROP the BOMB,” posted the comedian, to which Konshens responded, “A comedian after all.”

True to his words, Eric shortly after, posted a video in which he claps back at the Jamaican artist which apparently Konshens took lightly, and responded with laughing emojis.

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