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Makeup With Men. It’s the beauty of passion and interest.

men doing it
men doing it

Foundation, eyeliner, concealer, and mascara are some of the types of makeup. Apparently, makeup was meant for ladies but nowadays, more and more men now put on makeup. Everyone has a different opinion about men putting on makeup. Some may be mistaken for being gay, but the thing is, they just love what they do for life. Let’s take a look at some of the most talented male MUAs in Kenya.

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Dennis Karuri

He is a self-taught makeup artist who is earning money through it. Dennis Karuri is a very creative artist who is enthusiastic about makeup. It is amazing how YouTube tutorials can lead you to work and learn a lot. “I learnt makeup through watching tutorials and doing a lot of practice.” Says Dennis.

Dennis karuri
Dennis Karuri

“Although I studied Agribusiness, fashion has always been my interest. I actually started out modeling and did a few runway shows, commercial photo shoots among other gigs. During these events, they would apply makeup on us quite often and that’s where I would say I discovered my passion for the Artistry.” Says Karuri.

Dennis has worked on faces such as Brenda Wairimu’s and Citizen TV’s Host Kambua. Dennis Karuri says that the majority had discriminated against him because of how he looks and his feminine tendencies. Many people don’t want to be associated with a man who wears makeup. This is just one of the challenges they go through.

Makeup Artists In Kenya

Creative Phill

Philip Murithi, well known as Creative Phill, is a make-up artist who is the CEO and founder of Phildo Creations. He says he got into the make-up industry in 2018. Creative Phill says he saw the work of a certain make-up artist on one of King Kaka’s music videos and that was what inspired him.

Creative Phill

“The struggle was real, especially the part of convincing people that am a MUA. So I started calling some of my friends to do makeup on them, then I would post the pictures on my pages on social media.” Said Phill.

He then signed for make-up classes at Makeup by Rose Training School. After finishing with his training, Switch TV hired him, where he worked for about 7 months before he opened his studio, Phildo Creations.

Isbam Abgon

Isbam Abgon
Isbam Abgon

Meet Islam Abgon, who is achieving a flawless face, perfect eyebrows and seems to be picking the right foundation, something that is a challenge for so many women. Isbam Abgon, a makeup artist and a model, doing a great job in this field thats mostly dominated by women. Unlike some of us who have trouble drawing our eyebrows, this guy’s eyebrows are on point.



So here is yet another talented MUA. He is doing wonders. He goes by the name Jony- hairdesigner in his social media platforms and he has done makeup wonders on celebrities like Teacher Wanjiku and fixed hair for stars like JackyVike and Wabosha Maxine.

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