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Man Blows Himself Up, Killing Himself And Two Others


A man identified as John Ondiek, on Tuesday night detonated an explosive device killing himself and two others. The man was at Kamloma village in Nyakach, Kisumu County.

According to police reports, he had visited the homestead of a local resident, Petro Onyango. Who was at his home with his wife and daughter.

Ondiek begun engaging them in a conversation. During the conversation, the improvised device that he was carrying went off.

“Then the Al Shabaab suspect started questioning them on things that did not understand…Suddenly an IED he was carrying exploded killing the suspect on the spot,” read the police report.

Ondiek and Mary Atieno(Onyango’s wife) died on the spot. However, Onyango sustained serious injuries. He however succumbed to the injuries before arriving at Nyakach Sub-county Hospital. His daughter who is in critical condition is admitted to Katito Hospital.


The man had attacked his girlfriend last year

According to local residents Ondiek popularly known as ‘pope’ had detonated another explosive device. At a nearby market in December 2020. At a house where he lived with his girlfriend at the time. However, there were no injuries.

After the incident, he disappeared to an unknown location. He resurfaced yesterday.

Following the incident, Ondiek fled the neighbourhood.

Police have since launched investigations on the incident that they have classified as terrorism.

This incident comes days after police on November 30, arrested a 22-year-old. Suspected to be a terror suspect in Nandi County. The lady confessed to having the knowledge of how to use explosives in the police report.

Following the incidences, Kenyans were asked to remain vigilant and cautious. During the festive season. Due to the rising incidents of terror and uprising in neighbouring countries. 

“His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta has directed internal security institutions to heighten vigilance and surveillance across the country following the unfolding security situation in the region,” read the statement from State House.

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