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Manslaughter- The Inhumane Nature In Muranga County

Some scenes of the Muranga County Man slaughter evidence
Some scenes of the Muranga County Man slaughter evidence

The rise in manslaughter in muranga county. Cases of murder involving family members have over the recent past on-trend across the country  Recently the county of Murang’a was trending at number three on Twitter due to the so-called low development rate as evident via images via the social media web.

Once again Muranga county is currently trending due to the high rate of murder/ manslaughter cases in the county. Manslaughter involves the crime of killing a human being without malice, which may be both intentional or also, unintentional.

Manslaughter motivations

Man slaughter motivations are by drug influence, stress among others. For drugs, we refer to the October  11 incident where an alleged bhang addict brutally murdered his father before setting the body ablaze at muchungucha village in kiharu constituency.

As neighbors rescued the body of  James  Mwangi Mburu from the inferno as his biological son Michael Muchiri aged 23 vanished. With also allegations that Muchiri had threatened to kill his father and other family  members on several occasions.

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A River scene  where man slaughter victims were  retrieved
A River scene where manslaughter victims were retrieved

The Endless Murder Scenes in the county

 In Mwororo village, Maragua residents are obviously in utter shock. After a father allegedly killed his 16-year-old daughter. 

According to a witness who accidentally saw the body of the deceased by the roadside. Raising an alarm to neighbors. Also meeting her death In cold blood. The father on arrest makes a  confession on the murder of his own daughter. Real animosity.

More instances are the recent mystical killings of a woman of middle age. Findings stated that her mutilated body dumped in a  thicket.

This brings out questioning of the police’s capability in peace maintenance. in relation to five murder cases in the past three months on the recording. motives of the murder yet on identified.

More cases include the recent Nancy Muliro who allegedly turned the knife to her two little angels at their grandmother’s house.- a four year and two-year-old.

events leading to The incident occurred at Liquid Cash Bar in Kangema, Murang’a on Sunday, November.-man slaughter
events leading to The incident occurred at Liquid Cash Bar in Kangema, Murang’a on Sunday, November.-manslaughter

Such an incident left the residents in utter shock instantly calling in for stern action towards the suspect.

In the recent past, Kenya has recorded a relatively high number of murder cases.

Kenyans are not only been left in utter shock but also left wagging on the high murder cases.

The national government should take a step to combat the situation before it is too late. May the families which have lost their loved ones remain strong in this difficult time.

Whats your opinion on the  recent  Muranga  murder cases and  how do you think they can be put to an end?

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