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Masten Wanjala What Happens To His Body??


Masten Wanjala the self-confessed serial killer met his death on the 14th of October 2021. This occurred after an angry mob lynched him. To most of us, he portrays a dreadful image of a person you would never wanna see.

He left close to thirteen families without kids. Some mothers never recovered from the tragedy of their kids kidnapped. Only for someone that is Masten Wanjala to pop up out of the blues. Additionally, declaring himself a serial killer.

To a point of even taking detectives to various sites that he used as graveyards for his young innocent victims. Despite this, he’s someone’s child. Hailing from the Bukusu community, they believe in various traditions.

We as Kenyans comprise of various tribes and our traditions and culture vary. While speaking to writers of a local newspaper his family declined association with his corpse. The father, Mzee Robert Watila declared that because of the fear of being cursed. None of them is ready to bury him.

As a way of preventing the curses, the family elders seek an alternative solution. They request to bury the kin next to a riverbank. One of the elders also declared that as part of the Bukusu culture they bury him outside the homestead.


As per their culture, its not just a burial. Some rites are performed before and even after his internment.

For Masten Wanjala its not just burial its an interment ceremony. Interment refers to the ceremonial act of placing a deceased person in the ground. However funeral refers to a service for a dead person.

It’s a belief in the Bukusu Community that burying a person near the river banks. Washes down the stream all the dead person’s bad deeds and also memories about him. Despite all these plans in custom to their culture his death really affected his family.

The parents bear in mind that they brought him up for over twenty years then he turns up into this. Its really heartbreaking to families children growing up contrary to their expectations.

Do we fail as a society or what’s going on?

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