Home Breaking News Military Helicopter Crashes In Kajiado.

Military Helicopter Crashes In Kajiado.

military helicopter crashes in kajiado
military helicopter crashes in kajiado

A military helicopter belonging to the Kenya Defense Forces crashed early today morning. The helicopter labeled as Mi 171 E crashed and landed at the Ol Tepesi area, in Ngong Kajiado County.

Apparently, the military helicopter was in the process of a training incident when the fatal crash occurred. The fatal crash occurred around 0900hrs.

Kenya Defence Forces Spokesperson Zipporah Kioko issued a report containing the passengers on board. According to the report, all passengers have been accounted for.

This occurs despite the fact that some of them succumbed. Additionally, the survivors are currently undergoing treatment at the Defence Forces Memorial Hospital in Nairobi.

Those injured were airlifted and are at the Defence Forces Memorial Hospital, Nairobi. Regrettably, following the crash, we suffered fatalities.

The entire KDF fraternity wishes a quick recovery to the survivors. Also, the process of communicating to the families of the bereaved continues,” stated the spokesperson through a statement.

The Mi 171 E Military Helicopter had a capacity of twenty-four passengers. Kenya Air Force Commander Major Gen Francis Ogolla, gave the details while speaking to a local media house.

Military Helicopter Crashes Leaving fatalities.

“Our aircraft departed Moi airbase at 8.10 am for a normal training mission involving some crew members.  In the process of its landing, information reached us about the fatal crash.

we rescued some of them and also airlifted them to Nairobi for treatment. However, we fear that a few of those on board succumbed but not sure of the exact number,” the Kenya Air Force Commander said.

He also added that the military helicopter appeared very okay to them. However, an investigation team continues probing at the accident site in order to find out the cause of the crash.

military helicopter crashes in kajiado
military helicopter crashes in kajiado

The aircraft was okay. Therefore, we have an investigative team on the ground so that they can establish what might have caused this.

Until we remove all the wreckage and conclude with the site we might not be able to tell you how many passed on,” he added.

Several videos and photos of the crash continue spreading all over various media platforms.

We as daesak.co.ke fraternity pass our condolences to the families of the bereaved. We shall update you as more details concerning the military helicopter crash emerge.

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