Home Entertainment Njambi Wa Njau, Early Pregnancy Never Stopped Her

Njambi Wa Njau, Early Pregnancy Never Stopped Her

Njambi Wa Njau early pregnancy never stopped her
Njambi Wa Njau early pregnancy never stopped her

Njambi Wa Njau the new Inooro TV prime time news presenter replaces Muthoni Wa Mukiri who exited few months.

Most netizens awaited the new presenter so as to see who replaces the former presenter. Ken Wa Kuraya kept on giving hints to people and at last on Thursday 23rd September we all saw the incoming news presenter.

However, we all have a story as to where we come from. As for Njambi Wa Njau, she’s not any different. Njambi narrates that she became pregnant at a very young age.

Just at the peak of her career. Being the last born in her family, she feared telling it to her parents. While narrating how she discovered she’s pregnant, it looks like a funny scenario.

I used to work at Inooro and lived at Rongai just like a normal young slay queen. While at mbagathi way amidst traffic I felt sick, almost suffocating in the car. I lowered my car windows.

Additionally, I felt like throwing up, dizziness and I parked my car beside the road. I endlessly vomited to an extent I suspected its malaria.

The traffic officer approached me and upon explaining how I felt he decided to take me to the nearest hospital.

I suspected its malaria because like a fortnight ago I had traveled to Mombasa. Upon arrival at the hospital the doctor informed me am pregnant,” narrates Njambi Wa Njau.

Married In A Month But Now A Single Mom

She further narrates that the hardest part is relaying the information to your parents. Despite working, parents always view you as their young toddler until you settle down for marriage.

The only person she contacted it’s the baby daddy. To her surprise the guy became overjoyed and he congratulated her. Its in rare cases that the guy accepts the pregnancy as a young couple.

Njambi Wa Njau also narrates that the guy and his parents paid her dowry and they also tied the note in less than a month.

Njambi Wa Njau early pregnancy never stopped her
Njambi Wa Njau early pregnancy never stopped her

She also adds that her stay at work became difficult because she used to host a kid’s show. The pregnancy took a huge toll on her. She also adds that its not easy for first-time moms.

For her, she never knew about labor pains, how the delivery takes place and even breastfeeding.

The young mom also advises young ladies to support their friends during the pregnancy stage because its never easy.

She also adds that currently in Kenya most young first-time mothers fall into postpartum depression. This because most of them lack information and someone to support them.

According to Njambi Wa Njau, there’s no specific age to become pregnant.

Njambi Wa Njau CareerWise

While working as a presenter a new company popped and she decided to search for greener pastures. At that time her child was two months pregnant.

However, the new company collapsed, and all her efforts to return to Inooro her previous company bore no fruits. Its at this period that reality dawned that she’s not employed. Njambi Wa Njau further narrates that her parents really supported her during this time.

Consequently, according to her finding a good househelp its God’s grace. Its never easy relying on someone to take care of your kid but you just put your hopes.

 Additionally, people should treat their house helps as grown-ups and also check the relationships between the house help and the kid.

Despite getting married Carol Njambi also narrates that she ended up as a single mum.  She also adds that the biggest way to face a problem is by facing it.

Currently, her son Milan is two years old. Additionally, she advises that each child comes into your life with a purpose despite the time.

Kihumo Kia Wega
Kihumo Kia Wega

The name Milan she says it means a ray of hope because her son gives her the hope to move on each day.

As she kicks off her new journey back to Inooro but this time as a TV news presenter she believes its now a new dawn for her. Hopeful to fill the spot that Muthoni Wa Mukiri left.

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