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Official Kinuthia Clarifies On His Sexual Orientation

King of tiktok. Official Kinuthia
King of tiktok. Official Kinuthia

Nowadays crossdressing is the new sense of fashion. Some people can approve of it while others still view it as madness and not fashion. But all in all one’s dressing is one’s choice. We have seen some of the Kenyan celebrities like Fena Gitu, Quincy Icon, and Makena, who dress like men but have you at any time come across Official Kinuthia, a man who dresses like a woman?

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Official Kinuthia
Official Kinuthia

For those who don’t know Official Kinuthia, he is a Kenyan content creator in Youtube and Tiktok.

His real name is Kelvin Kinuthia and he has a unique way of delivering his content as he acts like a woman.

He wears makeup, wigs, and even heels and due to this, people assume he is gay.

Kinuthia also markets the female dresses that he rocks on his Instagram and he proclaims himself to be the ‘King of Tiktok’ in Kenya.

In fact, he is verified on Tiktok. The popular crossdressing Tiktoker Kelvin Kinuthia in an interview has denied claims that he is gay.

Official Kinuthia also warns bloggers to stop chasing clout with his pictures.

Tiktoker Kelvin Kinuthia
Tiktoker Kelvin Kinuthia

Kinuthia disclosed that the gay side of him is just a character he has been using on social media.

“No, I am not gay. It is just a character I use online.” He said

His revelation came as a shocker to many netizens who could not buy his explanation. Kenyans headed to the comments section to fault him for lying.

According to most of the people that commented, Kinuthia has all the qualities and characters of a gay person.


This interview comes hours after Kinuthia was accused of eating a fellow mans’ fare.

Photos went around on social media stating that a man identified as Justin Kioko had conned a fellow man Ksh 344, 500 while pretending to be a beautiful lady.

Later, Official Kinuthia clarified that his name is not Justin Kioko and warned people using his pictures for clout to stop.

Kihumo Kia Wega
Kihumo Kia Wega

“I don’t know about that, no money was sent to me.

The statement was saying that the money is for shopping, a flight ticket and buying a new phone.

It wasn’t me. Am Kelvin Kinuthia and not Justin Kioko. Stop chasing clout with my pictures or my name.”

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