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Police Planning Heavy Crackdown To End Crime In The CBD


The National Police Service is planning to kick out street families from the Nairobi CBD. The crackdown will also be aiming at seizing crime.

Central OCPD Adamson Bungei termed this as a strategy to finish crime in the city. And also improve the security of the city.

He went on to explain that members of the street families are in most times used to committing crimes. Such as mugging and snatching car side mirrors.

According to Bungei, the National Police Service (NPS) intends to increase police presence in the city. They will also be deploying more plainclothes officers especially in the areas that are the crime hotspots. They include Kencom, Ambassadeur, Railways, Machakos country bus and Bus stations.


Areas that the crackdown will target


Other areas that will have heavy surveillance are the Globe Roundabout, the path from Uhuru park to the CBD. And Central Park.

“We shall also enhance security in busy trading areas, including River Road, Ronald Ngala Street, Luthuli Avenue, and Biashara Street. I appeal to the public to partner with the police in the fight against crime by volunteering information. This will help us track culprits or foil attacks,” he stated.

After the street families left the CBD. And the National Police Service deployed over 300 police officers in a bid to beef up security. This led to crime dropping by 80%.

“During the holidays, crime in the city went down by about 80 per cent and this was because most of the street children were out of the city. 

“No major crimes were reported in the Central Business District during the season. So far, January has largely been without incidents of crime,” Bungei stated.

Over the years Kenyans have voiced their concerns about the insecurity in the country. Nairobians have been in the lead when it comes to protests against the police on social media. Many say that some officers conspire with the criminals.

Mutyambai confirmed receiving complaints from Kenyans. Who were defrauded through the deceitful schemes within the CBD.

Mutyambai also asked Kenyans to be aware of the well-organised schemes. That aim at defrauding them of their hard-earned money.

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