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President Shot Dead While At His Private Residence.

she killed herself in her parents home
she killed herself in her parents home

Grief has engulfed the entire nation after the barbaric attack on their president. According to an international media house, unidentified people attacked the president while at his private residence.

During the attack, they shot Haiti’s president Jovenial Moise and he died on the spot. Luckily the first lady survived and she’s currently receiving treatment.

According to the Interim Prime Minister, Claude Joseph, the first lady is still receiving medical attention.

The attack at the President’s private residence occurs at a time when political violence is on the rise in the Caribbean nation.

President Jovenial Moise rose to power in February 2017. This occurred as a result of his predecessor, Michel Martelly stepped down from office.

All throughout his term as president, he faced all manner of opposition. Often, violent anti-government protests occurred. At times some leaders also accused him of corruption.

Rest In Peace Mr. President

Earlier in the year, people protested in the capital almost every day as they demanded his resignation. Due to the political division in Haiti, the nation faced a shortage of food, uprising humanitarian crisis. Additionally, fears of widespread disorder continue rocking the Haitian nation.

president shot dead
president shot dead

The Interim Prime Minister, also insists that all culprits behind the inhumane acts must be brought to justice. He also promises netizens that Haiti shall continue its operations as a country.

 “I condemn this inhumane and barbaric act. As of now the police and our armed forces have taken control of the security situation. All measures to ensure the continuity of the state and protection of the nation continue” stated Claude Joseph.

Various people have taken it to Twitter condemning the inhumane act. However, how can a president be killed in his private residence??

Is it an inside job or just an attack by a group of armed criminals? Mostly the head of state has all manner of security at his beck and call. We as the daesak.co.ke pass our sincere condolences to the family and Haiti as a state.

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