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Recommended Face Masks Against Omicron

N95 mask
N95 mask

The covid-19 virus is like an earthquake spanning the entire world and just as we think we are winning the war against it. We are hit by an unprecedented aftershock in the form of a mutation. So far, we have had the Beta variant, the Delta variant and now we are facing the Omicron variant. Though not all masks protect you against the Omicron variant. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a list of some recommended face masks.

Health agencies across the globe are relentlessly trying to win the fight against COVID.

We have seen the introduction and distribution of vaccines. Also, a booster plus information everywhere on why it is important to get both.

KN95-FACE-MASK, recommed face masks
KN95-FACE-MASK recommended face masks

These same authorities are now saying that ordinary cloth masks. Which were effective against other variants of COVID, are not as effective against the Omicron variant.

The Recommended Face Masks

The recommended face masks for the Omicron variant are N95 or the KN95 face masks or surgical grade face masks.

They recommend these masks because they block smaller airborne particles from entering your airways.

Despite this recommendation, the same authorities are worried about the purchase of counterfeit masks by unsuspecting citizens.

To combat this threat, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has published. On their website, some tips to help you determine whether the mask you purchase is counterfeit or not. Some of these tips are:

  1. Absence of markings on the filtering face piece respirator
  2. Absence of an approval number on either the headband or the respirator
  3. No presence of NIOSH markings
  4. Incorrect spelling of NIOSH
  5. Presence of decorative fabric or other decorative additions
  6. Claims that the mask is suitable for children

Observe the social distancing rule since the transmission of the Omicron variant is especially viral in packed and enclosed spaces.

The other measures to combat COVID such as; regularly washing and disinfecting your hands with sanitizers are still effective against this new variant. It goes without saying that the safety of you and your loved ones starts with you.

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