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Reverend Lucy Natasha: Is She Off The Market?

Is Lucy Natasha off the market?
Is Lucy Natasha off the market?

Reverend Lucy Natasha has raised eyebrows online with her latest post that has gone so viral. In her latest post, Reverend Natasha has quoted the Bible in the book of Ecclesiastes highlighting that God has made everything beautiful in its time.

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The gorgeous City Pastor, Reverend Lucy Natasha is widely known for her numerous Christian convections alongside other pastors. Certainly, she is always trying to win more people to the Christian doctrines. Reverend Natasha has however been single for long as she has been waiting for the perfect time of God to find her lost rib and the man of her life.

Reverend Lucy Natasha has shared a photo alongside another man who is alleged to be her new man.

The preacher shared numerous images alongside the man, identified as Prophet Carmel. The two also wore matching white sarees with yellow accents, with one image depicting Natasha adjusting his outfit as they smiled at each other.

Reverend Lucy and Prophet Carmel
Reverend Lucy and Prophet Carmel

Reverend Lucy leaves Kenyans Tounges wagging

Reverend Lucy Natasha
Lucy Natasha

In a separate post, Natasha shared images depicting them arriving at her Nairobi church hand in hand. This also proves their relationship is not just about the ministry.

Carmel could be seen holding a white and red bouquet as Natasha walked by his side. The photos of Natasha and Carmel, and her caption, “He has made everything beautiful in its time,” caused a stir online, and Kenyans rushed to the comment section.

Betty Wa Macharia: “Congratulations. God is never late. He is a Rewarded of them that seek Him diligently.

Pauline Njoroge: “Congratulations!”

Fega_the_billionaire: Mama is he your husband to be? If yes, congratulations.

Roxy_kaysha: It’s all about times and seasons. God has done what he promised. We are so happy for you.

MemoryMbotwa: Am happy for you woman of God. I also believe am the next to testify.

Viva.Carol: Harusi tunayo hatuna

Bettynyabaro: Congratulations. Glory to God…so happy for you. He has now spread the word more, you got a prayer partner.

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