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Ruiru Level 4 Gives A Sigh Of Relief To Citizens


The Kiambu government has prioritized the improvement of health facilities to promote quality care. The new 150-bed capacity center at Ruiru Level Four Hospital whose construction was launched in July is now open.

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Since the swearing-in of Governor James Nyoro in 2019, the county has completed several new hospitals, among them now being the Ruiru Level 4 new wing.

Speaking after launching the new wing, Governor James Nyoro, says he is impressed with the big step taken by his government. Additionally, he promised to set a new modern store which will help to store the medicine.

“All the medicine we buy goes to different hospitals and health centers. That certainly makes it hard to tell which medicine is there and which one is not.”

“There is a facility that we are going to put here. It will not just to store our medical equipment but it will also computerize all the information to do with firm and non-firm information.”

Kiambu Opens A new 150-bed centre in Ruiru level 4
Kiambu Opens A new 150-bed center in Ruiru level 4

Ruiru Level 4 Hospital New Wing

The County’s government is equipping hospitals and improving infrastructure to ensure residents and visitors get proper services.

The sector has been struggling with a lot of challenges. Some of them include an influx of patients from neighboring counties, inadequate medical personnel, and a shortage of drugs. All this jointly undermines services.

The Sh65million facility’s construction uses prefabricated technology and will cater to the many Covid-19 cases reported in the densely populated Ruiru sub-county.

It aims at offering medical services to more than six hundred thousand people.

The Kiambu government is also looking forward to making sure that all the hospitals in this county have a covid 19 isolation center.

This will help Tigoni hospital, which only catered for Covid 19 patients to effectively resume it’s normal operations.

“We will make Tigoni a General hospital, a Level 4 Hospital. We are going to open it for other patients. But also, every other hospital across Kiambu will have a covid wing.” said the County boss

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