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Student Goes Missing After Shoot Out


Kona Mbaya, Kayole, Nairobi County. The family of a University of Nairobi(UoN) student, Johnson Waiti Avomba are in a sombre mood following his disappearance. He went missing on January 1, 2022.

According to witnesses on that day there was a shootout at Mihango area. A few metres away from Kona Mbaya. The witnesses stated that during the shoot out a young man was shot and his body bundled into a vehicle.

His father noted that he had inquired from the witnesses on the happenings of that day. He was only informed that the vehicle belonged to Kayole Police station.

“I asked around and those who witnessed the incident confirmed that police officers attached to Kayole Police Station had shot a young man, bundled him in the trunk of a car and sped off,” claimed his father.

When reached out to the Kayole Officer Commanding Police Division, Paul Wambugu. He confirmed that they received the missing report of Waiti. He noted that investigations are in top gear.


Student goes missing

Answering to reports that the vehicle that carried the body was from his station. The OCPD noted that officers from the DCI were in the matter.

He noted that the DCI officers are treating the reports of the police vehicle being used to ferry the body. As a possible lead to uncovering the mystery. And also as an aid to trace Waiti.

According to his father, Waiti had opted to stay at home so as to prepare for exams. While the family travelled to the countryside for the festivities.

Waiti who is 24 years old was a fourth-year student. Taking a Bachelors Degree in Business Management.

“We agreed that once done with exams, he would take the three-week break upcountry and spend time with his grannies,” his father stated.

According to his father, Waiti’s phone went unanswered. And upon sensing that something might have happened he asked the neighbours to break the door and confirm if he was well.

“I asked them to break the door and check what might have been happening. When they got into the house, they found his phone and laptop on the table with the television on.”

“I was hoping that by the time I get back, my boy would have come from wherever he had gone to, but until now I am still hoping that he will come,” his father said hopefully.

The family had to cut short their travel and return to search for their kin. The family is now calling upon the police to speed up investigations so as to trace him dead or alive.

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