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The Unending Drama In The Celebrity World

Celebrity Drama
Celebrity Drama

We are already used to the drama given to us by our celebrities right? Starting from Diana Marua, Eric Omondi, Willy Paul, etc. Let’s start with Willy Paul.

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Controversial musician Willy Paul has once again served us some more drama. He has displayed his beef with the Bahatis & Eric Omondi through a diss track. In the song dubbed ‘Mnikome/Gademit’, Pozze calls out artists and warns them against trash-talking him. He goes ahead to insinuate that he already slept with Bahati’s wife Diana Marua and regrets it.

”Hawa wasee wamenizoea mbaya for a very long time… Ushai tupa kijiko kwa sufuria? Hivo ndio nili feel the first time alinipatia. Sipendi kubonga juu ya madem nimesosi. Lakini wewe umekuwa mjinga,” part of Pozze’s track read.

Now the beef came into effect last week after Diana Bahati released her hit song Hatutaachana and when willy Paul was asked about it, he laughed off.

The musician went ahead to mock Eric Omondi for not being man enough to keep his ex-girlfriend Miss Chanty. He went on and said Eric Omondi posts 75% of ‘nonsense’ on his Instagram.

Willy Paul Releases Diss Track

”Namwaga machozi nikiona Eric Omondi anaposti eti play 75% of Kenyan content, na kwa Instagram yake anapost 75% of Kenyan nonsense. The best decision yenye Miss Chanty ashai make kwa maisha yake ni kutoka kwa maisha yako yenye haina shape. Congratulations mamii, hii nyani haikuwa type yako.”

Drama as Carol Sonnie and Mulamwah confirm break up.

On the other hand, Rapper and content creator Diana Marua has come out to caution fans who are constantly talking about her music career negatively. The celebrity who has been trending since she launched her music career says people hate her, yet they cannot sing.

“Numbers don’t lie. If you feel like I cannot sing, then release your songs we see, and come and dance to your songs so that we see how your songs are, you know. Do not come to me with your opinion and you have not sung.”

Just when we thought the drama was over, then Mulamwah and Carol happened.

Carol Sonnie has finally cleared breakup with comedian Mulamwah. Through a post on Instagram, Sonnie wrote:

“This is to make it clear that Mulamwa and I are no longer together. We have both agreed and decided to part ways for reasons best known to us. Thank you so much for the love and support you gave us for those 4years, I personally don’t take it for granted,” 

Hours later, online content creator Mulamwah unveiled his new catch. The caption read:

“To new beginnings, Rely upon the heart. Let the dust settle down.”

Mulamwah's alleged new bae
Mulamwah’s alleged new bae

Surprisingly, musician B Classic is not wasting any time to shoot his shot at Mulamwah’s ex-girlfriend Carol Sonie. The Taita-Taveta based musician has come out to publicly express his undying love for Sonnie. He stated that she did not deserve that kind of treatment from Mulamwah.

“Ila naku assure Niko willing to take you in , Love and treasure you with all my heart together with your daughter. Ntakupenda Na Moyo Wangu Wote.”

So what do you think about all this drama, who is chasing clout and who is being real?

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