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Ukambani Political Supremacy Wars


Politics are taking a different course in the Ukambani region. Leaders from the region seem to be are reading from a different script in recent times.

Only three counties make up the Ukambani region Machakos, Kitui and Makueni counties. Top leaders from the region have distanced themselves from One Kenya Alliance(OKA). Alfred Mutua, Charity Ngilu and Kivutha Kibwana held a meeting on 12th January in Machakos county.

The meeting attracted political leaders, professionals and clergy. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss the region’s politics and development interests. The leaders seem to have a soft spot for Raila’s Azimio la Umoja.

Ukambani has over 1.2 million registered voters.

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Makueni governor Kivutha Kibwana, Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua, Kitui governor Charity Ngilu posing for a picture

Ukambani Divided Voting Bloc

Kalonzo, an OKA principal has vowed to hold on to his presidential bid. Subsequently, the assurance comes after sentiments from some Ukambani leaders that he might drop his bid.

The Wiper party leader held a meeting at the party headquarters. On the other hand, the party is on record for officially endorsing Kalonzo as its presidential candidate. Party members also strategized on the Saturday meeting.

Kalonzo is set to hold the meeting in his Yatta farm residence. Other OKA principals are also expected to attend the highly anticipated meeting. Kalonzo hopes to secure the elders and other leaders blessings for his presidential bid.

Kalonzo will make his future political plans public at the meeting.

The two parallel meetings have left their supporters in limbo. Similarly, some have predicted a divided Ukambani vote bloc with the recent happenings.

The Yatta meeting scheduled for Saturday has attracted a harsh backlash from Kalonzo’s political rivals.

“Mkutano unaoitwa kwa nyumba ya mtu, that is not a political meeting of political leader, hiyo ni new year’s party,” reiterated Alfred Mutua.

Moreover, the three governors have vowed not to attend the Yatta meeting.

However, leaders allied to Kalonzo Musyoka dismissed claims that their party leader is under political threat.

“We are leaders from that region and I can tell you that there is no threat at all on Kalonzo’s and he does not need to prove anything,” Mutula said.

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