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Women Representatives Up Your Game!


With all the 47 counties in Kenya, each has women representatives. One per county. Based on the 2/3 gender rule of engaging women in decision making. We ended up electing them in parliament, so that they represent and also voice out the problems facing women.

Based on the current statistics in Kenya there’s a rise in the number of gender based violence cases. The statistics show women as the victims in most scenarios. Some end up with physical injuries, others never recover emotionally. However, some of them never make it out as they end up dead.

Families burying their daughters at a young age, siblings loosing their sisters with kids also loosing their moms. People talk about it over social media and it ceases after sometime. It only rises up when there’s another victim in the picture.

With all the 47 women representatives, why can’t they stand up and help us fight GBV. Based on their high vocals and them being in the offices. They can help fight this and save many lives. Some of them in their last terms of office can make a change in their counties.

While speaking during the burial of World record holder Agnes Tirop most athletes called out on leaders to do something. Agnes Chebet an athlete died as a victim of gender based violence. Its alleged that her husband killed her. Its so painful losing such as young heroin at the peak of her career.

Women Representatives Please Help Out Before Its Late

Viola Lagat one of her colleagues called out on leaders to act as soon as possible. She also questioned the women representatives in office as to why we losing so many women.

Yet we do not hear their voices. She additionally called upon men to love, respect and also care for women as we also someone’s child.

As women we have people who we elected to represent us in the Parliament and also in the society. We look upto them in the name of Women representatives. Where are you. Are you doing anything for us.

 Our women representative from Nandi County, I am from this County, Kaptein location specifically. Yet I have never seen you anywhere in my village. Where are you.

I want to remind you the reason why you are there is because of me and the rest of the women here. Do not forget that we elected you to sit in parliament and voice our issues.

Madam Kihika, Boss Shollei you very vocal, we see you we recognize you. We see you we recognize what you are about to say because your powerful women. You powerful when it comes to politics. But you not powerful when it comes to women issues.”  Viola spoke out.

kihumo kia wega
Kihumo Kia Wega

Her action of voicing it out during Tirop’s burial really showed that its time women leaders speak up about GBV. We need more laws in place otherwise we continue loosing our sisters at a young age. Its now or never. Up your game!!!

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